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Britney Spears Interrupts Concert Because of Pot-Smoking Fans

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The new and improved Britney Spears apparently isn't a fan of cigarette smoke - or any other kind of smoke, for that matter - while she's performing.

The 27-year-old pop star left the stage for about 30 minutes during a concert in Vancouver on Wednesday night, apparently because of smoke in the audience.

After she returned and ended the show, Spears - who has been to rehab and is on the comeback trail after a long stretch of troubles - told the crowd, 'Don't smoke weed.'" The Associated Press

Where there's smoke there's fire, and this weird episode is proof positive that Britney Spears is still bonkers.

Britney frequents nightclubs where the smoke is thicker than fog, why would she all of a sudden freak out because the arena was full of smoke? Britney fuming about smoke in the arena is like Roseanne Barr complaining that there's too much food at the buffet table. And Spears admonishing people not to smoke weed is like Lindsay Lohan advising young girls not to dress like sluts.

I don't blame the fans for smoking weed at Britney's concert, the only way you can enjoy her performance is by being higher than a kite. Nobody in his right mind will watch a Brady Bunch episode without smoking grass, and nobody will attend a Britney concert without being high on weed or something much stronger.

I hope the Toxic singer will smoke a joint, chill out, and not have any more crazy interruptions during her performances.

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