Monday, April 13


Well here I am again, yes I did get wet, had to sit and wait it out and finally called back into the shop... clean up and get ready for tomorrow, and guess what? forecast is the same tomorrow, rain rain rain. Yea, I know; I complain to much.
Been hearing the news about the Pirates out at sea holding our Captain prisoner, is over and such but I would like to say those were not friendly pirates like yours truly. Not wanting to sound like an O'bamite, I just don't think this is one of the things he will be remembered for, but was the right thing for him to approve the Navy Rescue. Presidents don't seem to be remembered for the little things, its the economy (which he really has little control of) or the war, and there is always a war for the US to stick our nose into. Or some other something that can't really be changed with a vote or 3 in Washington.
have you seen that video of the House with senators voting for items on the agenda 3 and 4 times? x

Well guess I have something to do,

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