Wednesday, April 29

Panic Weed

Now this is sorta silly...
using my cam this morning on the way to work, gives the image that "batman" angle.
But the point is, this is the corner lot up on a main road in town, high profile lawn to an apartment building. I just think you could do something about the dandelions. The whiteish puffs are the seed heads (puff balls). This lot is covered with them, dandelions (known to me as panic weeds) are probably the easiest of the weeds to control. So anyway, I thought I would show you what a front lawn should look like (plug for Neo). Of course you have seen this before.
The hose laying on the lawn. This one is across the street from the bosses house, I am pleased with the condition of the lawns in my employers neighborhood.
This is one of the original Turfman lawns, so I expect nothing less than perfection in a lawn that I have cared for almost 6 years.

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