Thursday, April 16

Pirate's Past II

Have you ever seen the inside of a lamp, just your basic decorative lamp? Long before I smoked, even cigs I worked at the place my mom was working as a warehouse 'extra'. Was a family owned/operated business with a few outside persons in employ. So I get to know Rick and Steve, Steve was my age, Rick, Steve's brother was a few years older. Was a cool thing, like always at that age, (about 15) we were talking music at first. These 2 were like so into Rush; 3 man band, Getty, Alex and Neil. So they treated me to some and I became a Rush fan. Back to the opening line, Rick showed me something really cool with the lamp hardware. All being the standard 3/8" threating and connectors. Rick takes a short, about 2" piece of threaded tube, joins this to a 3 way connector, cuts a piece of the plastic tubing (packing filler) from a box of lamp shades. Then with a couple of other caps and hardware fixtures he just fashioned me a pot pipe. from a few extra pieces of hardware. Of course the bowl was missing but I thought this real cool.

Well anyhow ran across this waste case of the school, Lafever was his name, he was holding this wooden pipe bowl and in his typical goofy tone says, "you want the bowl?" well though I was not a smoker, I had a pipe minus the bowl, I said yea. Shortly there after my mom found and confiscated said pot pipe and took a while to convince Mom I wasn't a pot


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