Tuesday, April 21


Of all the pics of Rainbows I found on a blog site, I like this one best. So anyway got rained on a bit today, not to bad though, most of the rain hit the truck instead of me. Had to sit and wait it out for a few; got done early too... :) gotta love that. The boss, Turfman himself calls me and says he wants to take 2 invoices off my hands. He was out doing some Spring seedings, and it was just a bit to wet to be working that stuff. Rest of the week is supposed to be nice though.
Mostly got rained on walking from the warehouse to the parking lot.
So Saturday is booked again this week. Guess would be the company growing is creating more work this year, this would actually be good. Company growing would be job security. Not really meaning to bore you with my days events, I just wanted to share this rainbow.

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