Wednesday, April 15


So this one guy, remain nameless, is cooking some dinner. Whats that? is it good? Well being of sound mind and body, of course I would say yes, its great, its a little something I learned while on my own. Called Pork Ribs Western Style. Made with Kraft BBQ sauce. Ok so I fall short in that I don't make my BBQ sauce from scratch. But what do you expect these days, long days at work, little help on the little things that make life a little easier, but anyhow, I cooked dinner tonight and no one even bothered to try it. Sorta sad, wouldn't you say? No veggies with this meal as it was cooked by me and I had a few things to do in the mean time, bath, shave etc. I do work one of those jobs that you clean and shave the night before not that day. About the time most are getting up showering and what not I am treating my first lawn of the day. Anyway... I cook dinner and no one is interested?? Its ribs for god's sake, you have to like ribs, there is absolutely no way you don't like ribs. I remember years ago, I was dating (sleeping with) this one gal and she had a bunch of friends roasting a pig down on the river front (Addyston Ohio) use your google and go there. I got to talking with the main chef... the dude maning the fire; and what to my supprise he asks if I want the ribs. Well heck ya... I'm a resident of Cincinnati and ribs are the shit around here.... Montgomery Inn style ribs. So I get these ribs fresh off the fire, well damn, these are good without the BBQ sause. If you cant tell I love ribs. So the Ms (note I didn't say MsP) is all in a quantdry about me not getting some chef boy r d or something and the kid has nothing to eat?? Come on explore a little, 13 years old is beyond chef boy r d... what the freak??? Its mom, I tell you, give the kid any excuse in the book, adhd?? Its all a matter of dicipline, and respect.... which the child has none!!

open your mind, give it a chance, what you gonna eat chef boy r d for the rest of your live?? give me a fucking break (excuse me please)

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Lara said...

It's been way too long since I grilled ribs. Mmmmmm, ribs.