Monday, May 4

A dear friend

Reported by: Adam Marshall
Photographed By: Phyliss Ho
Last Update: 12/26/2008 6:56 am
I attended Richard's funeral. A great man, great father and will be missed.

Family and friends say 78 year-old Richard Ring recently lost a few people close to him and started having psychological problems, including feeling lonely.

Worried, his son Mike Ring and his daughter Julie Appel kept a close eye on him.

Tuesday, Mike left for work leaving his dad, Richard, alone for about an hour before his sister was expected to arrive. That's when Mike says his dad decided to walk away from his home in bitter cold weather.

For two days, police, family and friends searched for Ring.

Police found his body around 9 a.m Thursday in woods less than a mile from his home.

Police told the family he had apparently frozen to death.

Mike says it's not the news he wanted, but at least they know he's no longer suffering. "We do have some closure and he's not out somewhere and we don't know where he is."

Family members say Ring was a proud veteran of the Korean War. He also loved to play softball, cards, and shoot pool.

Mike says he can hardly express the loss. "Everybody should hug their parents because you never know."

The family says while it's a great loss, it's one that makes them realize how precious family is.

"We're all busy. We all got crazy lives. We don't see each other as much as we should but, I'm sure this will change that," Mike said.

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