Wednesday, May 13

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I admit, I am an "addictive" person. Not much that I am needed by everyone (hahaha) but rather that things addict me to them (reason I don't gamble) but anyway, I have been on a Rush kick for a few days now. I remember back to when I was 13 and having brief experiences in the music stuff I knew little. I was working at a place my mom got me some "odds and ends" job for like $1.50 an hour. Pretty good pay to a 13 year old as minimum wage was like about $2.75 or so... On with the post...
Worked at this Lighting Center and started talking with the sons of the owner. This was about 1976, all their talk was how good Rush was, Rush this, Rush that Rush Rush Rush... you get the point (these guys were about my age)

My first thought is let me check out this band, I go to the record store, having an 8 track player I bought the 8 track version of "All the Words a Stage" I have to tell you I was amazed, impressed and flat out fell in love with this music. The tape had some info, what music and what album it came from, it was a live set, consisting of their 1st 4 albums (Rush, Fly By Night, Caress of Steel, 2112) I progressively purchased each of these "albums" (as I had received a turn table by that time)
This is some great music I thought. I really like the format of "epic rock" just short of Rock Opera.

Well any how, I did some time in the hospital at age 15/16 (admitted 7/31 birthday is 8/13... and I met this young lady (Brenda) and she and I talked. We both were into the band, she kept insisting if I had the 2112 album I must have heard "Cinderella Man"... well I never heard such a song, found out later that the tune mentioned was on the "Farewell to Kings" set. When I heard and listened to the lyrics I really releated to the tune.

I was an addicted Rush fan, followed the band a few albums, 2112 being what most would call their "best" I personally think they really came together on the "Hemispheres" set. Of course that is my opinion only.

Band did make some deep changes at one point and for what ever reason I lost interest in the "New Rush" but still have an appreciation for "Old Rush" up to say the "Moving Pictures" set. Just some real good "old rock"
I did catch the Rush show, 1979 I went to the Hemispheres tour concert in Cincinnati at the then "Riverfront Colosseum" now sold off their name to some corporate giant .... 5th/3rd center or some shit....

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