Saturday, May 9

I really have had quite a life to this point. I can say I had the benefit of being able to use an experience in education many don't get the benefit of. Private School. I sorta messed up but being young I didn't see it mattering much. I had the opportunity to make something of my high school education going to a boarding school. Asked to not return the next year (having only been there 1/2 of the school year)

Having said that, back to the post...

I had a chance to take a Greenhouse class at boarding school and learned of many things including propagating plants. Using a sand base, we would take cuttings off plants and start a new plant with the cutting. The easiest plant to do this with is the spider plant. The stolons of this plant already have new plant growth to work with. Detach the new plant from the stolon, plant it for about 2 weeks in sand, water daily and transplant to potting soil. The new plant will soon send out stolons with new plant growth on them.
I mention using sand as it is a better base but water can also be used.

Stolons and rhizomes are part of the root system. Stolons being the vines, rhizomes essentially the same but in the soil with the roots.

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