Monday, May 25

In the morning

welcome to the coffee house. I am not big on sentimental items; but the 4 cups I got from collecting Marlboro "Miles" (back in the day I could afford Marlboro) are what I would call collectors.

I will take just a moment and say thank you (Hubble will work for a few more) and welcome home.

So how much do astronauts make? Once I did want to be an astronaut. You're probably sitting there saying "Pirate, you're already in space".
Well hold on one minute.

Now this is an interesting "marketing" idea, what ever happened to the concept of "full flavor" vs "lights" Pall Mall has now gone to "Reds" and you can probably guess what color the box of "blues" are. Is this some sort of communist plot? or worse, is it socialism?

I know I am just being very random this morning.

Happy Memorial Day to all.
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