Friday, May 29

Is there anything "fair" in divorce? Just got off the fone with Dad, seems the woman he was married to, but 2 sons through college and supported for 20 some years is really putting the screws to. I mean face it, in divorce the court does seem to favor the female even if the female is obviously ....
Oh I could go on for hours but I know it goes both ways
but get this, when my x took me to court over custody issues, I had full custody of my daughter for about 7 years. Think I did well to raise her, even though I am not a female, broke the kid of the "selfish/brat ways and had a decent kid. Wouldn't do chores to save her life but was a decent kid. Now the x has and has had cutody for some 5 years. The kid is now a brat, wants what she wants, expects what she wants, and throws a fit if things are not "not as they should be" (in her mind). The woman my dad is divorcing is taking his home his ss and all she can get from him and the investment in P&G she has in stocks is "untouchable' doesn't make sense to me! Women want "equal right" but this divorce issue says they still need men????????????? I don't get it. My x got custody of my daughter just by saying " I want" and boom it is done.... doesn't matter that my daughter was 14 and should have a say.... family "counselor" said x should have her even though a few years prior she was $1500 in arears to child support, and didn't seem the the least concerned to pay back her arrears. Well anyhow, if you instist on equality than do what men do, pay support and shut the hell up. (just an opinion of someone who's been on both sides of the support issue)

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toomanytribbles said...

yes... well... i walked out of my marriage with no money, no assets and joint custody.

generalizations are just... generalizations.