Sunday, May 17


Sunday morning, quiet is nice I hear some birds chirping. I think it best that I send the link as it is a large picture, but does have a beautify all its own. Had a discussion with someone last night on ... of all things, coffee. (??) Well actually I think it was Vince wanted a cup of coffee, well... Someone said that all coffee is burned after being on the heat for 8 minutes. I am a lover of coffee, the 'real' stuff. Not into this "Starbucks" thing at all. I am thinking if you like coffee have a cup that doesn't have the "coffee" flavor all covered up. So I tell this person, Maxwell House coffee is quoted.."good to the last drop". I think this though an advertising slogan does hold truth. (getting to the point) I put a pot of coffee on first thing this morning, just now getting to the bottom so at 8:40 am the cup of Maxwell is a bit burned and the coffee was made at about 6:03 am. So yea, it burns, but thats life!

Ok enough silence, I'll listen to the Grateful Dead for a little bit. Then we can see what direction my thoughts will go.

Dance with the devil, naked beneath the pale moonlight. Had a friend used to say that alot. Not real sure exactly what it was referring to but I did find it to be quite comical. Just as a reference point, there were probably several goats there too.

Well I am enjoying the time but I have to get moving and up to the store. Be back in a few minutes.

See now that didn't take long. IGA is a great store. I just have a problem with a concept here. If we have "separation of church and state why is the state telling me I can't buy alcohol before 1 pm on Sunday? This is more of an intrusion than the 10 commandments on a public school building. You can't stand there and seriously argue with me tlhat the liquor after 1 on Sunday does not have a religious base. (Government seems to say "division of church and state unless"
A little strange that I can sit in a bar and drink thier over-priced poison to my hearts content to closing, 2am but I can't purchase the same product in a store??
Enough on this Rant.

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