Wednesday, May 20


Ah the stuff we used to waste mom's money on. I thought this was gonna be a real thing, like a gold fish only cooler, sorta like having a tankful of sea horses or some real cool thing like that. Boy was I disappointed. I was reminded of this by Joe. The first thing that came to mind was the "super cool quick open pocket knife". I figured I wouldn''t be able to have it unless I asked mom (never thought she would let me get it). Well dang she said yea, I think it was the line at the bottom of the ad "this is not a switch blade" She made out the check and I mailed it off.
I thought this was the coolest, I was getting a pocket knife, and it was even cooler than dad's. Man this thing looked like the dagger of death in the advertisement picture.

Couple days later the package arrives in the mail box. Was an awfully small package to be that cool knife. I mean Dad's knife was some 8 inches long (open) . This can't be right, in fact its so wrong in so many ways...
I open the package, sure enough its my "super cool quick open pocket knife" what a bummer! the thing wasn't but 2 inches long opened, duller than a used pencil eraser. Man, this thing was supposed to be way cooler than this!!

Like most new small toys, it got lost in the top drawer of my dresser (the miscellaneous drawer)

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