Sunday, May 10

tears from heaven

Only a memory now. My mom passed to the lords house 20 some years ago. A vibrant woman in the days of old, tried scouts when I was very young, and a few years later, left the cub scouts to be a girl scout leader. This was actually better for me, as I got gs cookies at will and got to know allot of girls as 'friends' wink wink...

Mom is always on my mind about this time of year. A very "outdoorsey" lady, enjoyed camping, screened in back porch was as 'indoors' as she liked to be. Get this, my dad even bought her a small motorcycle, back when that was his thing.

Mothers Day being a day to appreciate mom, Thank you Mom for everything. I don't mean to sound sarcastic either... I don't pull that off so well...
I mean my mom was the greatest, 'get up and throw some dirt on it' attitude to childhood injuries.

Mom always seemed to be my voice as the family went. We sorta connected in a "friend" way".

think I posted on this once, but I will rere re and re about the time I was busted out and about late night, doing things I knew I shouldn't , punishment aside the 1week grounding was to find something to do with my time. She personally set up the guitar lessons that I think forever changed my life.

One afternoon, guessing I was about 15 mom goes walking down the hall, I am layed back in my bed listening to "The Great Gig in the Sky" by Pink Floyd; she sticks her head in the room, says "what's this your listening to?" I tell her its Pink Floyd, she responds, "Sounds very nice" ... like I said we connected as friends.

She always was recommending that I do something in my life 'forestry/outdoors'. And I guess the hints landed, I started as a landscaper and chose lawn care as my profession. I did try my hand in quite a few other fields, sales and what not, but always seemed to land back in the outdoors.

She and my dad for that matter always raised me on the idea that it takes a bigger man to walk away or to hold my tongue. Etiquette was always on the living room wall in a stitch work in a frame, "please, thank you, yessir ..." the little stick figures were cute...

Well anyhow just got back from a google search of a poster mom and dad had on the inside of a closet... beats me, their buisness was theirs, who hangs posters inside the closet; had a jet bomber flying across a peace sign with the caption at the bottom saying "chicken little was right" there was a cartoon chicken in there as well... Now you have to put yourself back in 1970 to see, with the us/soviet cold war and nuclear bombs on the agenda and all.

But any how, I love you mom, you live in spirit, and remember back when I was 13... I didn't mean that I "hate" you.

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