Monday, May 11

work report.

Well quick day. 3 times a year I become 'bugman'. Perimeter Pest Control was my day today. I spray insecticide around the foundation, doorways and windows. Its a good change of pace over the herbicidal maniac I am every other day. A few years ago doing this application at the end of the day I would feel a burning sensation right above my eyes, wind-drift I guess, but the past couple years I don't get that. Product may have changed, or maybe I just know how to stay out of the drift now, having done it for a few years. My last stop was awesome, backed right into a country club golf course; I noticed more weeds on the golf course than my customers lawn... kudos for Neo... More the same tomorrow, bugman... more driving tomorrow so I think I will be finished about 3 ish. Its a great feeling when you love your job :)

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