Monday, June 15


well can't sleep again, so I sit up late night blogging. One thought I had a while back, if apples are indigenous to the north American continent, doesn't this make the Genesis story a myth or symbolic.... unless there has been some translation mistake? Forbidden Fruit ie Forbidden Apple? As the Bible was written by men, in the Middle East, was god created by man? Or is god a being? a presence, or "the force"? Maybe George Lucas is on to something here. To say as a Christian that Buddha is not the truth, do I also say Christianity is false also? As was said once, who's right if everybody's wrong? I'm figuring if we are all "star stuff" is the universe god? I really wouldn't be surprised to meet Zeus on my day of dying.

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Douglas said...

Rest easy, Neo. The apple began in central Asia. Also, the bible does not mention a specific fruit from that tree. Some scholars think it was the fig.