Saturday, June 13


I have had some valuable experiences in my life. One that stands out is my stay at a New England boarding school. The Wilbram & Monson Academy was probably the most valuable experience I threw away. I think I was a bit overwhelmed with the experience. Appearing to be a 'punishment', could have been my ticket but I rebelled.
"If I catch you high one more time, Gregory; we are going to send you to boarding school." Guess it was about a month I was hearing that. Told a few friends (not friends really, but lack of a better term) who would rib me say "ah, off to boarding school in New Mexico". I was reading it to be empty threats from my folks until the week end comes, I am packing by bags to "check out" schools in New England. The next week I was off for Christmas break from Purcell High and on my way to Massachusetts, home of Wilbraham Massachusetts; home of The Wilbraham and Monson Academy. Not that it is real important but, the Academy was headed back to class the first week of Christmas break from Purcell, so I missed my Chistmas break that year.
To say I messed up next would be the understatment of the millinium. I had no choice but to conform, though the conform to me was to see just how much I could get away with. To conform as far as go to class do the class work but I did get into more than my share of trouble with the Dean and the Admistrative Staff. I ended up on "room arrest". Other than class, extacruicular and meal times I was confined to my dorm. I could have learned indepence, and survival skills while getting a top grade education.
Not that I am complaining, I like my job, and I live rather comfortably, as proven by this post; I just see some things in my experiences in a different light.
The funny thing about this post, I was reminded of this by listening to a Grateful Dead tune. Turns out... if you can bare with me... I had a large selection of classes to chose from at the Academy, including a class in Horticulture with "in green house" shop time. The Prof of that course looked dead on Jerry Garcia. Along with that memory came of one of my friends there at school, Charlie. He was a major GD deadhead, and we both played the guitar.

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