Saturday, August 1

Renewing vows

There is so much more to is than meets the eye.

Not so broken for a person but rather on a situation, decision, or behavior. As I was doing some deep soul searching this morning; I come to a realization that it was over long before the breakup.

My heart sinks every time I think of how much of a mistake I made.

I do have some good time memories when we were first together, but to grow in such opposite directions and allow myself to loose control is unacceptable.

As the title suggests vows are to be renewed, and not wedding vows either; a vow I made to myself long ago before my kid was born, and before I met my kids mom. I lost sight of and in so doing created a night mare. I am thankful that no one was permanently harmed and I wish to move on with my life now. Time is said to heal all.

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