Saturday, October 31


Main problem with carving pumpkins is you don't get a chance to practice at it. So any how I said I would post some pictures and here we are. Not such a bad job as I am still a sorta nooby at carving pumpkins, only 47 years old which means pretty much I have only been carving pumpkins for some 30 years, or so and really have only carved maybe a few dozen or so. Being my own best friend I am also my toughest and most honest critic... not such a bad Jack O Lantern for one who's kid is 19 (we do it for the kids, right?)

So I guess it would be best to have a little candy around to give out, just in case anyone comes by. Not a single kid came by last year, but then there are a few more different kids at the complex this year. I do need to get a candle that works in it too.

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Anonymous said...

Better than me, I never even tried....