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The History of Marketing

TX trooper finds 5,400 pounds of pot

Posted: Oct 13, 2009 7:35 PM EDT Updated: Oct 13, 2009 7:35 PM EDT

Posted by Sarah Harlan - email

[TEXAS (NBC) - Authorities in Texas confiscated nearly three tons of marijuana after pulling over a bus that was made to look like a school bus.

In total 5,400 pounds of pot were seized from the bus on Saturday just north of Laredo, Texas.

When a state trooper pulled the bus over, the driver fled on foot and has not been located.

Officials said they are pursuing several leads in the case.

In July, authorities seized four-and-a-half tons of marijuana from a similar looking bus found abandoned on an area highway.

No arrest has been made in that case either.]

Laughing a bit. Went to this article online and read a comment,

A logical view, lets assume for a moment that it is "Satan's Weed". Where do you think Satan would have received the pot? By all stretches we know that Satan can not actually "create" he only "twists" the meaning by means of lies and deceit. So goes the story of Satan vs God. The book of Job is a good example of this.

So what we are dealing with here, is a plant. Being a man of scientific thought, using logic as my base; you can see where I am torn on the religion topic, but just for arguments sake let's take the Christian view. According to the Moses' Book of Genesis, God created everything, earth, sky, water, etc. Then he created plants and beasts, and finally mankind. I don't see how you could call anything "Satan's".

Going out on a "Green- branch"- For all the "nature" greeny, and tree huger types (excuse the generality) Jesus on his final day was sharing bread and wine with his "top followers" So one can only 'assume' he (Jesus) condones the use of alcohol. To the naturalist, this is a man made product, and would then be considered to be a product of our own self annihilation. Where as the pot, which requires not prep time other than to just let it naturally dry for consumption, well I am thinking you can see the point I am trying to make here.

So you ask, why would our creator make things such as tobacco and pot to grow from the ground, after all these are the products of our own 'self destruction'?

Marketing. You may be laughing but think about it. God is smarter than man, "all that is ... all that was... etc... Wouldn't god provide for his people? So creator introduces his creation to the idea of marketing, sales and production. Don't you need a product before you take a step into the marketing realm? Would be rather 'daff' to go to market with out something to market.

For the atheist:

If there is no god, there is no Satan, all that is simply is and therefore means nothing. If you want to smoke pot then you should be allowed to smoke pot.

End of Rant

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