Wednesday, October 21

Living in the now. Been a pretty good day, so far. ten after two, in the afternoon, normally would still be working or at least wrapping up the end of the day with the paper work. Total square footage, do the bag count to find out how much fertilizer I used, rounded off in quarter bags, do the math, and hopefully the numbers match with in one bag. I have noticed our sales person tends to over measure lawns, this in essence throws my numbers off, but what can you do? My job has been reduced to driving and paper work for this application. This is fine with me, I've done my fair share of walking across the lawns this year. So I have been getting lots of work and money in for "The Turfman" but I am getting done in record time. This too is ok with me.

Oh talking about paper work, I have to fill out all the info on the 'run sheet' at the end of the day, for the next day. Information includes: materials and pesticides on the truck, what 'pests' I am out to control, my name, license # (pesticide license) Imagine that I am licensed in 2 states to mix, carry and apply pesticides. Continue the 'run sheet'- route manager is me, also have to fill in my helpers name, license # if he has one (he doesn't) date and round # of the application. Now get this, I have a terrible memory, part from a head injury when I was 15, bout 2 weeks before 16, and substance abuse constitutes some of my problem too; I have the state EPA # ingrained in my memory, 228-418-10404, a product called momentum (herbicide) The EPA and state Agriculture Dept have their nose too far in my business. Guess using pesticides will attract that kind of attention. Just thought of something... of all the pesticides, chemicals and products on my truck the most dangerous is one used by every driver on at least a weekly basis: gasoline. Not only is it flammable, it is poisonous if consumed.

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