Thursday, October 15

Late start

On a late start again today, missed the whole day yesterday but that's not putting us behind schedule at this point. End of the season, final application to lawns is coming up next week and it will be a breeze.
Of the 6 treatment program we offer #6 is most often skipped. With a lighter load of work, and limited weed control this one will go by quickly. Then I get set to do the 'after season' routine, clean and wax the trucks, clean the equipment and all that stuff that gets passed over to make time to get "out on the road" during the grow season. See its a tricky job, avoiding the rain, and staying on schedule to complete each 'round' of the program on time. My truck, for example, has needed a tail light changed for some time now. One of the jobs this winter will also be changing my hose. As the year goes on, through normal wear small sections of hose need to be cut off leaving the hose a little shorter, every few years the hose does need replaced.

Plan today is to start at 10 and do a full day. The rain has at this point pushed through and is on its way out to the east. The few extra hours with no rain will let the ground dry. My plan is to get out a little early to pick up some things I need and show up to get my truck ready for a day out in the field. Like I said, not many more left till we do the end of year party and start the winter schedule.

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