Friday, October 9

Rain Day

Good day to be a duck today.
Don't think I'm gonna get much work done today, as a professional. That means I can get personal stuff done.
As the map goes, this is a radar read from Louisville, putting Cincinnati in upper right corner of the "blob" moving west-north-west. Gonna be raining here for a bit.
My favorite site for radar display.
Cincinnati, Ohio (45236) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground
The other link is what I check in the morning for wind speed/direction. Can also get forecast of temperature hourly to give me an idea on the information I have to record on my job invoices.

well how about this as a photo of Mars?

I would like to thank all my readers that made comments on my blog in the past few months, I am appreciative of the advice and just the sounding board that I used to get things off my mind.

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