Tuesday, October 20

Wasting time

Lawns, funny thing... I get to a property I know and this time of year I know just where the weeds are going to be. Is it my experience or is it just common sense? A little of both I would say. Edges, near driveways, walks and thin areas of the turf are the "hot spots". Doing a large property yesterday I knew from the moment I headed out from the shop this lawn would be fine, no weeds except the one area in the back, where the cistern was. I got there and sure enough, that was the only spot on the 48k/sqft of turf that had any weeds at all. (1 acre=43.5k sqft)

Had a pretty good day yesterday. My helper was on the 'turf buggy' all day, I was pulling the hose on the yards that needed it, when no weeds were there I would get the push spreader down and fertilize small areas of the lawn. Now that we had the one hard frost, most of the broad leaf weeds are no longer a problem, the only one that is there persistent now is chick weed.

Well this is week 1 of the final application of the year. Pretty soon I will be out of 'work' but not out of a paycheck, this makes me happy. There are probably a few winter projects to complete, with a skeleton crew of me and one other guy will get this done in a few weeks and I can sleep in. Well, not so fast, seems I have been volunteered to run my daughter to and from school; well even at 19 she is still my daughter. I can see now depending on significant other is not such a good plan. Her boyfriend was her ride to and from; significant other being a temporary situation, well I think you see my point here.

Well this post just did what I meant it to do, burn up some time till start time, I will most likely come up with something I can post about later, till that time, have a great day.

Just one more thing, though I am alone now, I am no longer lonely! Loneliness can drive a man to do some odd things.

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