Monday, November 2

Now that I had some time to think about it, I will say something. Ever have one of those moments that you want to say something but you can't think of what it is you wanted to say?

 Today is about as nice as it gets. So I didn't mind having an outdoor job today. Matter of fact, don't ever not like being outside, well, winter ain't so grand  Its like having an "up" day; if you didn't have "down" days your "up" days would just be 'days'. Everything is relative is what I am saying. 

So Monday being Monday like it is...
One good thing about Monday is I can have an early quick dinner by chopping off of roast I make Sunday afternoon. Good for me, easy to make (its already made) and its right there ready to be heated. 
In the USA, if you like music while you are blogging or chatting, or what ever check this out

More good things happen when you are a good person.
Though you are a good person, bad things will occur.
Good things will happen to bad people, but you always
get what you deserve in the end.


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