Sunday, November 1

sunday 11/1 /09

Well here we are on Sunday morning again. 
Let's see, whats new? well life, each day is a new beginning. After I was in that terrible car crash in 78 I didn't expect to make it to 35 and now at 47 I think I just may last forever, sort of a non biodegradable substance. But that aside, things are good here in Pirates little cubby,  I work, come home and rest etc and start anew in the morning. Well I sit here listening to some electric blues and life is just great!
 Church was great, fit right in with my current situation, as the good in life is worth waiting for and such. Was very motivating if nothing else. I do tend to be a rather impatient man, and need to slow things down just a little. 

Yea did my grocery shopping today, no big deal, very uneventful. 

Well time to get working on that roast, pork sirloin this week, never new you could get sirloin in pork, always thought that was like a beef only cut of meat. Is there also a pork T-bone?

I even called my x wife to wish her a happy birthday, it was like I called her up to tell her that she was ugly, I mean, no response at best. I expected a little heart felt thank you, I lived with her for 10 years and she did mother our child; something had to be right for part of that time!
Well I guess that's why she's my x and not my wife.

Bengals on a bye week, so the games are not that interesting, I would like to see the Eagles game, but its not being televised here, just the more pertinent conference games, like Baltimore and the Indy game.

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Pearl said...


I do suspect that there's a t-bone in a pig. :-)
Today's my big cooking day as well. This week: Beef and Pepper Stirfry and Jambalaya. That oughta keep us in dinners and lunches for maybe three days. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ex wives aren't usually very friendly anyway, it's not just you.