Saturday, December 26


Well here we are, Saturday, the day after Christmas and all is settled down. Went out to brother Jeff's last night; wasn't real sure what was to be on tap so I went a little nervous. Figured it would be dinner talk and then I would be on my way. As it turns, I saw everyone in the family gathered in the same place, and man have I been under a rock or what? Nieces nephews all together. Heck I was thinking, dad still had a swimming pool in the back yard* the last time I saw Ceeana. I did not have a chance to talk with everyone, but everyone did get hugged as I left. It was a wonderful time, we stood in the kitchen talked, eyesight (we all seem to be going blind lol) and just all kinds of stuff we talked over. I was great when Jas showed up with her boy friend in tow. I have only met him a few times. The gift part was a little difficult as my budget is tighter than a drum, but being a season of giving, I got a couple of gifts and I guess my gift was as the little drummer boy, just me being there to share life for a few hours. Well needless to say I had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

That is a real happy Christmas, I am glad for you.

Did you get that dream?