Thursday, December 17


Going to the company party tonight. Last year was good but .... well lets say to no fault of mine we have been put on a 2 drink limit this year. Not to say I can't drink more, but the companny will not pick up the tab. So I am spiffed up, not hard to do as I am usually just jeans and a t-shirt. Will be a typical company dinner I will suppose; lets call it guys night out with dinner included. Boss will say "Great job guys" etc etc etc... We will eat dinner at a nice established restaurant, have some small talk, talk about the past year, the remember when's etc. I am up for this, gives me a chance to go somewhere tonight something to do and this year I get my bonus in cash. Last year I had boss pay for a car repair, much needed and couldn't much wait for it. 
We are going somewhere different this year, a little more up scale as casual dinner places go. 
I'm sure this post will have a ps have fun, I intend to.

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...Mrs.P! said...

At least you get to drink something, thats always a bonus.

Our christmas party is always dry, because of the area our warehouse is located there are a few, shall we say, lower-class misfits with self-control issues, which makes my boss very nervous when it comes to alcohol as one of them is likley to get so drunk they'll hurt themselves or someone else and the boss will then have to pay compo, so he just gives us all a case of beer or litre of spirit(whichever we prefer) to take home and drink in the safety of our own home where the boss can't get sued if we hurt ourselves!

Anonymous said...

No drink limit ever stopped a party! Have a good safe time, especially when driving. Get wild, make smiles!