Sunday, December 20

Random Dec 20, 2009

I did get the laundry put away, so I guess I accomplished something today. Actually it has been quite a busy day, typical but busy. My weekends are generally Saturday run to get stuff, groceries, supplies, and the dreaded laundry detail. Being single does have its problems. I spend much time alone and therefore have the time to do all those things that need done, hey wait, that doesn't sound so much like a problem... I sorta like being single again. 

Here I sit, early Sunday morning, listening to music and writing. Excited? well... the Bengals are almost there... well I have seen them mess up easier tasks than just winning one of the remaining 3 games. I may get excited if they make the playoffs... (hope, hope, hope) 
This Chris Henry deal is something. Its a terrible thing, but just seems like the guy took the steps to cause enough trouble everywhere he could. I was a bit shocked when Mike Brown took him back on the roster to start with. I thought Marvin should have had the last word when he said, "He (Chris) will never play for this club again." or near verbatim to that point. I just don't get it. Well professional sports always did seem to confuse me, all the scores, records, stats and the playoff scenarios ... time out, coffee is ready(well I always made my own coffee) ..... oh wait, Christy (x wife #2) made my coffee for me. (2 points for Christy)
Sorry, took a little time to check on the weather, this silly accu weather gadget I have on my browser keeps popping a "severe weather" bubble and the most severe part of the forecast is cold. No biggy, not like its a tornado or hurricane or something. Laugh you may, a hurricane in the mid west? Was about a year ago when the winds of Ike came roaring through. This is actually one of the only happy memories I have with that nightmare I spent over 2 years with. Oh, for new comers, that is the reference to the last gf I had. (trust me, it was a nightmare)
Back to ... Ike came through in August 08 I think it was, sitting on the balcony of my apartment winds where gusting 60 mph it was a crazy day. I was watching the trees bend and when all over I saw the destruction it left, just a bunch of brush scattered back here in the apartment lawn, but out side that, trees down, fallen on roof tops and cars. I was thinking, all this and I was on a balcony while this was happening!? one of those "wow" thoughts.

I didn't use an outline to create this post, just some random thoughts. 

Everything will go back to where it came, I will become dust. Just as a bad haircut is only temporary or a shaved head; it all comes back given time. Life works this way, I know not what will happen after I am gone, but I had to be there for the events to occur. Some would call it narcissistic, but if you think for a minute, same holds true for everyone. Everyone is infamous. 

Another one of those "wow" thoughts...

well maybe I shouldn't be thinking that right now. Oh hell with it, I'm a man;
and that's what my #2 x wife looked like when I married her. She aged well, I might add.

Yea, I did take her back, she left me and was welcomed back, till it became apparent that wasn't what she wanted.
So I swallowed my pride, gave in to destiny and admitted to a failed relationship.
    Was a shame... 

Well time is running I will talk with you again soon. 
Have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

A woman can come into your life like a hurricane too!