Friday, January 15

Just Me or This is My Life

ok here's the deal, everyone, well, almost everyone is telling me its a mistake. I for one don't think so. I even got a message back from one of the girls I was talking with said I sounded sad with out her (MsNeo). Yes, a lot is still the same, and much has changed; I can deal with it in a different way this time.
See, the break down of the relationship wasn't just her doing, it was me too. So much went on, had I dealt with the issues a little different things would have turned out different. The ones saying its a mistake could be right, but those that are really my friends understand, this is my life, I am the one to make the decisions and the true friends are willing to support me in my decision. 

Well time is running short, I need to get some things done today, thought I would jot down the thoughts I am having and well, I will post again soon

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