Friday, March 19

Am I crazy? I am really stuck on this little game. I was hanging around with my girlfriend, she was playing this and I started to check it out. I got addicted real quick. Guess would be this is what is keeping me from blogging, needed a break to collect my thoughts anyway. I have been, well up till the new year constantly posting, several times a day. I was just getting a little blank on what to post anymore. So I move to Face Book and started getting involved with the little games on that site. Some are pretty stupid, including but not limited to this one called Cafe' World. Then again my love to write is still there, so I write about the silly things that I waste my time on. 

        Now I know I have told you I am not a gamer, have never been into video games and don't care for them much, but... That would be referring to the fast paced, button pressing, hand/eye co-ordination games. I lack the speed and quick minded skills to do well in these games. My high score in say, Pac Man would be about 1. When actually if you were to do nothing on this game and let the meanies get you a score of 500 is easy to attain, still I come away with 1. I do jest but my skill on these games is zill to nill. So in saying, I never really wasted my quarters at the penny arcade. (funny that the least you can spend to play is a quarter and they still call it a penny arcade)

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