Tuesday, April 6

Good Day

Great day, felt like I was on my mark today. Everything was working like a well oiled machine. I'm telling ya, my yards (the ones I service) have no dandelions and are surrounded by yards that do. If you do employ a lawn care service, stop your technician one day and see if he know what he is doing. Ask questions like what are the numbers on the fertilizer or some sort of knowledgeable question about turf, like what diseases should I be looking for. Maybe even ask if you could see his Dept of Agriculture Certification. Might be nice to know if the guy is a lawn professional or a grunt. That way you know who not to call if you seem to be having a problem with your lawn.
    There are a few on my route that have a real problem with this cute little weed called a Buttercup.  Buttercups will last for the early spring, even with the weed control applied it does have a quick life span. This back yard took my breath away though. Having entered hose across my shoulder, I walk around the corner to see the back yard. I'll make a note to take a shot of this yard again this year.
     So here I am again at the end of a day working to earn my keep and keep my self from becoming hungry. It may be strange to have a desire to write these pointless pieces of prose, but then I am glad you have given me the opportunity to give you something to read.

I wonder what language cats think in?

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Eowyn said...

I always liked Garfield, and Sally Field as Sassy the cat in "Homeward Bound" -- to me, they capture the essential humorous cat-think pretty well. (As it's translated into English, that is *s*)

Of course, there is so much more to our loved felines than that ... :)