Wednesday, April 21

so I sit here unable to sleep, this is not a good thing. I do have to work in a few hours. I can always crash hard after work tomorrow. I am working on the browser feature I have on my cell plan. Its a little tougher than navigating a computer. So again I say I sit here in bed posting to my blog, not much happening. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to grow up with all the electronic devices kids have these days... just a thought. Cell phones instead of matchbox cars.

Work is going well, no complaints. Personal life I think I can do better. I just need to find something to do with my time.

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Inspector Clouseau said...

Just noticed in your bio / description of yourself that you like classy women. Had not paid attention to that previously in reading your blog.

In the realm of classy women, I was just saying to a friend the other day that there is nothing more visually interesting, in my opinion, than a women in a one piece black dress with a strand of white pearls.