Sunday, May 2

Cooking my goose...Chicken actually

Now this is what we call a change in tradition, instead of beer or pork this week its bird... Chicken to be exact. As always this is the before pic. Stove seems to need a bit of cleaning, but that's not what I am hear to talk about.
        Today was a rare one, I slept in till about noon, and usually I am up before the sun. I really didn't get much out of the sleep in except the day was half gone by the time it started.

Had an interesting thought, if defrost means to (un)frost wouldn't dethaw be to un-thaw ie refreeze something?

Well back to bird cooking, it a waiting game at this point, I do need to be on my watch however, as the green beans will not be cooking at the same time, in the same container as the bird. 

Well spend the last 1/2 hour or so on the phone, talking with someone I would really like to know better... 
Now just waiting on the veggies to get cooked and the end product is such... 

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