Wednesday, May 5


Why is it the other lawn care companies don't hold a candle to Turfman? It's not because I work for Turfman, its just we are not pushed to bill ungodly amounts of money. We (the techs, owner included) just go out, run a route day and do it right. On the new sales, usually loaded with weeds; we apply heavy weed control, bring the weeds to near eradication. Yes this takes more time, it is time well spent, most of the customers on my route are very happy with the results of my service. What's in it for me? Well being happy to have provided a top notch service, the company grows, my job is secure and the worries of day to day living go out the door. My experiences have shown my sense of "job well done" will not equal the definition the 'Scotts' or 'True Green' definitions. I have never had my boss ask me "why didn't you do more?" 

So as the day begins, I am happy to be part of the machine, the machine that produces happy customers.

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