Sunday, May 16


So I tell all my friends on Facebook that I am working on a post to my blog, and this would then be that post. Sunday morning, time to think, and jot down my thoughts. Tunes in the background do drive thoughts. Alive Again by Chicago is on and brings my mood up, its interesting. Did you know that song is on the only album (there I go with my old school terms again) Chicago named other than just a number, called Hot Streets. So back to my thoughts, somehow I think if I had a laptop instead of a desktop my blog might be more interesting, I would have other distractions to stir my thoughts.
    Sometimes I hate being a morning person. Most are up early in the morning because they have to be, for work or school, then there's me, I just get up in the morning, start my day early, no reason; I just do. I am making a playlist of songs on my computer, a playlist does get old after a few plays, you start to know the next song blah blah... babbling again...
        I had a great day yesterday, even though I had to work in the morning. Saturday is usually a day when I sit the morning at my computer writing, so it was a change, and I do get paid for my Saturday, which is nice. It has been an uneventful weekend so far, which is in fact a good thing. Thinking of what could have is always an interesting thought. I didn't have to go to the hospital, or to jail (knock wood, I have never been to jail) I didn't have a car crash or even a traffic ticket. It has just been a regular boring weekend.
        In my ventures to blogdom I read stuff that does get my mind thinking. Recently read a piece on Freedom. In a free society there are rules, to keep things peaceful and safe. If a police officer stops you and asks for ID he is probably working off a hunch, not a racial profile. Back in my day, a product of the 60's and 70's being stopped by the police was not a question of the constitution, its just a practice of peace and safety. What has come of society, my rights do not supersede the rights of others, if a police officer wants to see my ID I just show it to him, if I am not breaking the law what's the problem? Rules and laws are supposed to be for safety, and the greater good.

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