Wednesday, May 12

Wrong again

I think I need a crash course in meteorology... (sounds like a space thing but its just weather). When I saw this in the morning, earlier, I was figuring on noon at the soonest we would get hit by a rain shower. The tail end of the comma was broke up and seemed more of the 'scattered showers' weather pattern. How wrong could I have been? Turfman (the leader... ) text me and says "looks like a rain out, enjoy the day off." I questioned, it wasn't even raining yet. Rain usually means wait it out, then start late, like we did yesterday. Now mind you, I was not in touch with any outside media, ie TV radio, or the like... just a judgment on the location and look of my weather map online This being said, it just goes to show, I am not an accurate forecaster of weather.

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