Saturday, May 1

Ya gotta have fun, its not all business

I used to call this odd looking fruit "Martian brains" I don't know much about this fruit other than its actual name is "Osage Orange". As with all fruit bearing trees, the Osage Orange is the seed of the tree and conditions being of the conducive to germination, will sprout a new tree. 
I do recall an incident involving this strange looking fruit back in the day that I left the lawn industry to try my hand at "tree maintenance" (for lack of a better word to describe the career change) I was working at Madison Tree Service, I think seeing from the inside, to be a respected and top notch tree service. We (the crew) did like to have our cut up sessions and fun to pass the time. Having stayed on schedule with the chipper "feeding" and the climbers having completed their task, we had some down time. We were in a field lined with these Osage Orange Trees. Naturally, the "martian brains" were scattered here and about on the ground. With the chipper still running, we would toss one into the feed... the result was the chipper would spit the debris smack center of the tree trucks tail gate. Yes it was a mess and yes it did add a little extra work to our day (cleaning up the mess) But it was about the funniest thing to see.

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