Sunday, June 27

In my ventures... or Hot Wheels 3 different ones

So, I was at the park the other day. Funny park in town here, Chamberlain Park can be accessed either by Blue Ash Rd, parking lot on the shoulder of the road, or Plainfield Rd, drive into the parking lot. On the Plainfield end, came across this classic. Thinking its the 1970 version, Camaro Convertible Top. With a 350 small block under the hood. The Camaro has to be my favorite "Muscle" car. There again; consider the 69-70 Chevelle, with a 396 big block. Another classic Chevrolet 

but then who really needs a car that takes 1/2 a tank of gas to just go down the street?
Now this little baby is more my speed. Only 4 cylinders, 2.0 l with a 5 speed.  Goes forever on 1/2 tank of fuel.
Can I ask one off topic question here? Why does it take so much trial and error to set the photos where you want on this blogger thing? 

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