Tuesday, June 1

just bored

Getting hotter, and it gets much worse than this.This is really a cool weather page; gives me the information I need to do my job correctly. My invoices require I report wind direction and speed and the temperature. Thanks EPA! "The customers right to know." You know, the one that's always right. I found from experience the customer (one that's right) usually take the invoice, regardless of a note from me the tech, dislodge the "receipt" and toss it and all paper included. At times I will address issues with the lawn, brown areas, could be insects, could be fungus, could be bad soil conditions. You could pretty easily check for yourself and find out, but hey.... isn't that why you hired a lawn care service? I said it before, I'll say it again, ask the tech some lawn questions, you will know if he is a "spreader jockey" or a lawn professional. If your company removes the spreader, making him a hose jockey;  it is a liquid application. Liquid fertilizer is far less effective than the granular. Take my word.

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