Monday, June 7

what were you thinking

     Now you know you are behind the times when you can't think of anything but the old news to reflect on. They want to build a trolly line here in Cincinnati. I'm all for some sort of pick me up to get the down town area flowing with life other than the 'have to be there cause I work here',  or the 'I can't afford a house or apartment so I'll just bum some change down town'. A trolly car could do this... but you can't have it going through the worse, most crime ridden area of the city. I mean what are you thinking? This is the area of Cincinnati that unless they have to, they don't go there. Catch my drift? Sure if I want to snag up on some crack, that would be the place to go, but that's just not my bag and or poison. So as I last heard, the trolly car got voted down and is part of history now. And here I am debating and talking about it. These "city planners" really need to step into reality; it might have flown with the voters a little better had the path of the train excluded Over the Rhine for the time being and not using the trolly as the catalyst of change in a run down, crime and drug infested part of the city. I suppose they included that side of town for the history, it wasn't always rundown like it is now.  Just a late opinion on some old news   

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