Sunday, July 11

Its my space too

Well here I sit, bored to tears, nothing happening for this cat. However, it could be worse, been down that road a few and I will be just happy to sit here with nothing to do, short of house work. Every cloud does have a silver lining, and every silver lining does have its "touch of gray."
     Friday night was a bust, I went to see a band which turned out to be pretty good, did mostly 80's stuff, Jessy's Girl, Hungry Like a Wolf, etc. Thing was, it was out doors, I was sitting on the ground, quite a ways from anyone, noticed the 2 closer to me (8-10 feet) picked up and moved. Didn't think too much of it at the time. A guy about another 10 ft in front of me got up and with some nasty remarks about my cigarette, (stinks is why every one is moving) did the same. Now... I know cigs don't smell great to nons, but nothing was ever kindly said or asked of me. If it was that big a deal I would have just picked up and moved on. I was rather offended by the guy and his snotty attitude. Its a park, I can smoke where I want, I was not being a rude smoker, I even placed my dead cig butts  back in the pack till I came to a trash can. Well so much for having a good time, got in the car and went back from whence I came.
      I did have a chance to go see Steve Winwood and Carlos Santana last week, was at River Bend, smoking, was a bit closer to a few people there and nothing was ever said, no one got up and moved, and no one had a snotty attitude or nasty comments. I guess its all about location. A free show in Blue Ash vs Paid admission to a music venue.

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