Thursday, July 15

Its now Thursday

      Trouble sleeping, of course I did take a short nap early and the dang tv woke me up. I was exhausted from work and had to nap it off. Now I sit here with a ton of stuff on my mind, and these dang cats have revved up their little game of "I chase you now you chase me." All except I have to be up for work in just a few hours all is good. I made a new friend through my blog, and in the beginning that is what I hoped would happen. Its a new chapter in book of Pirate, been about a year since the big change went down and I decided it would be best to run my ship alone. Yes it was very lonely at first, but as the days became weeks and the weeks months I started to not only get used to it but actually found myself less lonely than I had been for the previous year... Strange how one can appreciate being alone when given the time to think about it. 
     Just a little thought, pertaining to my experiences on the "Social Site" Face Book- When someone sends me a message I almost always send a reply. Why do people "collect" friends if they are not going to stay in contact with them. Like its a contest to see who can have the most friends. How in the world would I even begin to keep up with 1,234,774 friends? Just a random number, but you know what I mean. Yes I do have friends on that site that I don't make daily or weekly conversation with, but then I only have 96 contacts on Face Book. 
     Dinner was great tonight, I roasted a chicken but didn't make stuffing for the bird. The base of my stuffing is seasoned croutons, I don't have any in the kitchen, and I am out of celery and money. Helps to have a few bucks if you intend to buy things at the store. Did get a suggestion from a friend to stuff onion and carrots in the bird, I think I may just try that sometime. I cooked up a batch of rice and steamed some asparagus, was a real treat. Took this shot about 30 minutes before the bird was done. I think its cool how the burners of the oven are purple in the cams eye.  No I don't have a neon-oven. That is an interesting concept though.

     Well seems the cats have settled down and are just hanging around now, the one looks bored out of his mind, the other looks ready to start playing again.
      I think I better lay down at least and rest up, 
I'll talk with ya later...Pirate Named Neo

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