Friday, July 2

This Weekend or Number 234

So what was it that happened on this weekend in 1776? It wasn't just the signing of a document. It was truly the birth of a new nation. The ideals of an experimental government. Then having the gumption and commitment to carry out what was written on that document. The men we refer to as our forefathers, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and many others actually created this Government System that is the United States of America. 
These few men had courage and determination. Taking on the King and basically say F-you, we don't need you anymore, in fact, you will need us soon. Then to actually build the military might to beat the pants off one of, if not The most powerful army known at that time.
Though I so not agree with everything my Government does and believes, I would not want to live under any other rule. 

Happy Birthday America

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