Tuesday, August 10

My Escape to Blogtropolis

Think through to the point that you can actually write it. 

This is an interesting point, as blogging does well as therapy, even if the post is deleted before it is published. It gives you that exercise of thinking. 

My dad actually called me this evening. I don't mind being the one to initiate the conversation, it just seems if you like talking to a person on the phone you would take the energy to dial the phone to start the conversation. Yea... he's getting older, and well, set in his ways. 

Want the good news first? The good,  Friday is my birthday. The bad,  its the 13th. One of the more unique points of being born on the 13th. 

Does it mean anything? Probably not.


Mimi Black said...

It does mean you're a Leo...


Happy Birthday!

Tux said...

Arrrhh! Happy Birthday Matey!
Have a good one1 Friday the 13th has always been a good day!

Hope you get lots of booty.