Saturday, August 7


Climate change/Global warming...

Interesting topic, one that can become heated when the right people are talking of. (excuse the pun)
There is on the one side the debate that the earth is a changing, living planet, active volcanic and tectonic processes. One might even think it a ridiculous idea to maintain the same climatic properties for an unlimited span of time. Then on the other side (the Al Gore Party) bound and determined to blame mankind on the change and that by altering our behavior we (humans) can control the destiny of our planet. 
Iceberg breaks off Greenland
     I am on the right side of this coin, I think in logic and I for one do not believe mankind can really alter our conditions on a global scale. Well short of destroying the planet with nuclear weapons. If we had this ability would we continue to live with hurricanes and tornadoes?  Well ok, maybe as a by-product we destroy our environment, much like leaving a fish tank unattended or maintained. So I can see logic on both sides of the debate.  
    Change seems inevitable. The dinosaurs did not fare so well. Brings to mind the story of 40 days and nights of rain, with a large boat involved. 
      Whats the big deal with a few more degrees warmer anyhow?  

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Tempo said...

We are finely balanced here on Earth, just enough food for our ridiculous population. Sooner or later there will be famine on a huge scale, so far we have managed to keep most alive but one day our finite rescources will run dry for a year or two...long enough to bring our population crashing just as it has before.
None of this is the Earths fault and the earth will be so much better off once our numbers are reduced somewhat.