Sunday, August 15

Weekend? They just ain't the same nowadays... 
Found a good pic of "space debris" which to me seems to have created a gap in Saturn's rings. Train of thought: if said space debris created this gap wouldn't the 2 rings resulting pull back together? The moon Daphnis orbits counter clockwise, the inner-ring is orbiting faster, and the 'disruption' in the edge is the lead, while the outer ring orbits slower and the wake is following the moon (space debris) You can read more here
Daphnis is one of the many small moons of Saturn, only 5 miles across. 
Cassini also got some more images of Enceladus and Dione over the weekend. 

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Tempo said...

Did the debis create the gap, or is it made of the stuff missing from the gap.. drawn together?