Monday, October 25

More Saturn Stuff

Enceladus, from the south pole spews ice and organic material hundreds of miles into space. I prefer to refer to these as Geysers. On Earth we do have a few examples of geysers, best known would be Old Faithful in Yellow Stone Park. Heated water needing to escape, finds a weak spot in the crust and plumes of heated water are spewed into the air. Enceladus, heated? must come from the interior of the moons crust, beyond the asteroid belt there is not much the sun does to heat things up. Theory: because this moon of Saturn has an uneven rotation, the "wobble" produced causes friction and heat. This leads scientists to the conclusion that there is a large deposit of water, and or ice below the icy surface of this moon. The heat created melts the ice and acts as a catalyst forcing the liquid to the surface, in large plumes. I have been interested in this moon for a while, info keeps coming in making this a possible mission of it own.

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