Thursday, October 14

Well I finally discovered what is missing. No its not "a woman in my life". That I imagine will come with time. Its music! Most times if I'm at the computer, I am listening to some music. My phone, while having a million other utilities I have no idea how to use is my talk/text conferencing tool (you know the regular stuff you do with a cell phone) is my time piece, my camera and yes my "ipod" if I may use the trade name to describe my new fangled "boom-box".
So for some reason the past few weeks I have not been rocking out in my spare time. I didn't realize this before I read the memo sent to me from my staff, I know them well, Myself and I. Problem corrected.
The image included is totally unrelated, and more on the side of RANDOM, I like the picture though.

Pirate Productions is a small non profit organization of my staff: Myself and I, and Me

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