Tuesday, November 16

Random Rainy day post

Its so nice to see a good rain again, too bad its a day late and a dollar short.
I hope your lawn fared better than this one did. Yea, it just needs to be re-seeded, fertilized and maintained, right, well why not knock some dust off the sprinkler? Yea the water bill goes up, but you won't have to reseed, etc, just a fertilizer treatment, with P.E. to keep the crabgrass down in the spring. Pay me now or pay me later sort of a scenario.  
all's it needed was a little bit of water. (just some random yard shot, not mine) 
The real kicker here is Fall is the best time for seeding. Spring seeding works but there is too much competition for soil space, (crabgrass and other weeds). 1 you can't use PE; as the nature of the product is to prevent seed from germinating, and 2 you can't use a broad leaf post emergent herbicide until the lawn is more established. 

Turfmanlawn.com  With proper watering and mowing habits, this is what you get.

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